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Bob Dylan Buys First Cell Phone

Rock Legend Buys Apple iPhone

-New York, New York (AIP)

Those close to legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan have confirmed that the 68 year old Pulitzer Prize winner has recently purchased his first cell phone. The phone, which he bought from an AT&T Store in New York, is said to be an Apple iPhone.

“Bob’s been pretty reluctant to take to the new technology,” says longtime friend and road crew member Terry Barnes. “I mean, it was only when he was working on Modern Times that he first caught onto the internet, but even then, he was so stubborn: ‘There ain’t no way I’m touchin’ those damn internets…who the hell knows where they’re comin’ from…’”

According to Barnes, after he finally convinced Dylan to purchase a cell phone, Dylan opted for an iPhone because three of his children had one. He chose the 3G version of the iPhone rather than the newer, more technologically advanced 3GS because “it’s cheaper, and he didn’t know what the hell the extra ‘S’ stood for anyway.”

Others close to Dylan have confirmed that the man who famously wrote “The Times They Are a-Changin’” has been reluctant to keep up with the times himself.

“Dad’s a pretty bare bones guy,” says filmmaker son Jesse Dylan. “When he’s on the road, he usually sleeps in motels instead of fancy hotels, and even when he’s home, he’s usually on the couch. I mean, even though he was interested in all of it, he refused to touch computers and the internet for ages. I think he was afraid he might get pulled in too deep, you know? But once I showed him stuff like Wikipedia and porn, he really started getting into it.”

In the meantime, friends, family, and those who tour with Dylan continue getting used to the rock icon and his new, high-tech friend.

“Bob’s really blown away by his new iPhone,” says longtime bassist Tony Garnier . “I mean, the first time he received a call and it showed the number of who’s calling, even that freaked him out. I don’t think he knew about caller ID before. And just yesterday, he runs up to me all excited saying, ‘Hey, Tony, d’you see this? I can take a picture, look, see that?’ He’s like a little kid that damn thing.”

Adds Garnier: “I would have been surprised with anybody else, but then again, Bob never even knew they made color TVs until 1997…”

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